RAC 2017





ICAR-NRC on Mithun Celebrates 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi 2nd October, 2019:

The one day long programme began with a Swachh Bharat Campaign organized by ICAR-NRC on Mithun at Community Health Centre, Medziphema Town. This was followed by a cleanliness drive in an around the Institute Medziphema campus. In the commemoration session, REV. FR. (Dr.) George V MSFS, Principal of St Francis De Sales Higher Secondary School, Medziphema, Special Guest of the programme, emphasized on the need to be the change if we wish to see a change in others, particularly the children and youth who are the beacon of change. Dr. Abhijit Mitra, Director, ICAR- NRC on Mithun stressed on how individuals should educate oneself to not only be right and honest, “but also to demonstrate that we are right and honest”. Gandhi’s life according to him was very much relevant and important in today’s word i.e. having a peaceful, truthful and clean mind both inside and outside as individual.

As part of the celebration, the Institute had also organized various competitions viz. essay, quiz, debate and painting for the school students from in and around Medziphema, Punglwa and Chumukhedima. The various competitions commenced from the 23- 26th September. A total of eight schools (6 from Medziphema, 2 from Chumukhedima and 1 from Punglwa) participated. The competitions were categorized into three groups from Class IV –VI, Class VII-IX and Class X and above. The topics for the essay competitions were on Mahatma Gandhi’s Life Story, Mahatma Gandhi’s contribution/role in India’s freedom struggle and Farmers and their importance to India’s agriculture growth according to Mahatma Gandhi, respectively. The topic of the debate was “Is Mahatma Gandhi’s concept of non-violent struggle (Satyagraha) still relevant in the present times”. Likewise, for the painting competition students were asked to draw any portrait on Mahatma Gandhi. The quiz competition which ended on the 26th of September was based on Mahatma’s Gandhi life, general knowledge on any current and international events, science and social studies. A total of 146 students participated in the four day long programme. Prizes to the winners were distributed on the valedictory programme i.e. the 2nd October.