RAC 2017


The 12th RAC Meeting of ICAR-NRC on Mithun, held on 28th January, 2019

At the Meeting Director, ICAR-NRCM Dr. Abhijit Mitra presented a brief account and achievement of the Institute as whole. The new RAC chairman, Dr. A. K. Mishra, appreciated the efforts made by the Institute and emphasized the need of prioritization of the research areas. The committee members have also visited the Mithun Farm at Medziphema and took an account of the farm activities. The meeting was attended by RAC chairman Dr. A. K. Mishra, Dr. R. S. Gandhi, ADG (AP & B), ICAR, New Delhi, Dr. J.R. Rao, Former, Head, Divison of Parasitology, ICAR-Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Dr. N. Kondiah, former Director, Dr. R. N. Goswami, ex-Dean, College of Veterinary Science, Khanapara, Dr. Prabodh Bora, Head, Department of Animal Biotechnology, C. V. Sc, Khanapara, Shri Akok Walling (Local member) all the scientists of the Institute.