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Scientists Mapped the Indian Mithun Genome

A team of Scientists of ICAR-National Research Centre on Mithun, Nagaland reports on 30th July 2019 the first de novo draft genome assembly of Indian mithun (Bos frontalis) in the peer-reviewed journal BMC Genomics. The Scientists generated ≈250 Gigabyte (Gb) high quality reads from whole-genome deep sequencing platforms and assembled the sequence data using a hybrid assembly strategy. The final genome assembly constitutes a total length of 3.00 Gb.
Compared to the earlier report of Chinese gayal genome, the mithun genome, reported by the Indian Scientists, is reasonably far more complete (>95%) having a better coverage of 91.5% and gene annotation with 28,044 protein-coding genes. The genomic alignments showed a high degree of similarity between mithun and cattle than other bovine species.
Mithun (Bos frontalis), the magnificent and unique bovine species, is distributed only in North-Eastern Hilly states of India, Bangladesh, northern Burma and in Yunnan province of China. Approximately, 98% of mithun population of the world is found in India and as per 19th Livestock Census (2012), there is 0.30 million mithun in the country. Besides having a special socio-cultural status, mithun has tremendous potential for providing livelihoods to the region and is often referred to as "pride of North-East".
This comprehensive assembly unravelled the genomic architecture of mithun to a great extent and will provide a reference genome assembly to the research community to elucidate the evolutionary history of mithun across its distinct geographical locations.
One can fine the original copy of the Research Article through this link https://rdcu.be/bMnH0